Vodka or Coffee?

Hi there people.. How are you guys doing? It’s been a while yeah..

So, here i am again, and i will share my story again now..
So, from 12 – 21 Oct 2015, i got guests form Russia and Germany. So here, i would love to share my experiences with my Russian guest first.

The name is Alexey, but i called him Alex. So, Alex is a Moscow guy, and he was here for escaping from something, at first. He came here without expectation at all. When he wasn’t here, we contacted several times, and he seemed don’t care about his travel here.
Finally, on Monday around 10.30 PM, Alex was here. I picked him up at the airport, then we went to his hotel to took care of somethings. After that, the journey begans..

The first spot that i get him with was Geger Beach in Nusa Dua area. And yups, he was surprised with it’s beauty and peacefulness. He swam there, and we had bottles of beer, and having a great time there. After that, we went to Pandawa Beach. At Pandawa Beach, we didn’t get into the water at all, we just had our lunch there and having some chit chat, cause too many people there.
After that, i took Alex to the Pandawa hills, to take some pictures with the statues there. And yet, we did more than that, we took the pictures also with the sceneries there, and he loved it. After that, we went back to Kuta, it was around 06.30 am. We stopped at the Poppies Lane street, then we went to one of the cafe there, SandBar. Well, actually, Alex is a friend of Nikita, also a Russian guy that been here also with me, and he loved this drink served by this cafe, so Alex tried also that drink. And after that, we had our dinner and went back home.

2nd day, was another day. The schedule was to Dreamland Beach, Padang-padang Beach, Suluban Beach, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, and closed by watching Kecak Dance performance. And yes, we did all those things. First stop, Dreamland Beach. Well, frankly, this was my first time going to Dreamland by the car, so i didn’t know that they got this shuttle services huehehe.. Yups, so we took this shuttle service from the parking lot to the enterance of the beach. Then, for sure we walked to the beach. As we got to the beach, as i’m also a social media freak, hahahaha, i took Alex’s picture from the back, all by him self. And guess what, i didn’t know that he loves that picture so much hahaha. After that, we found a quite cool place under the rock hill there, and sat there. After that, he swam, and i just sat there, nicely. But then, the waves just calling me to go to them, and so i swam too. But then, i feel that the waves just too hard, then i just took some scenery pictures there. And yes, Alex went swimming again before we moved to another paradise, well at least that was what Alex told me.

Second spot of the day was Padang-padang Beach, another heaven. But, before we reached the beach, Alex took some pictures with the monkeys there, kinda cute, but not too good for me hahaha, anyways, i got this bad experience with monkey. So we were at the beach and tried to find a place to sit. And finally, we got this place, just kind of the kiosk there. We sat there, and we ordered our lunch before we jumped up to the sea. So many foods and drinks were offered there. So we ate, after that, Alex just jumped off to the sea, me, sit still hahaha. But then again, i felt that the waves just calling me, and so i also jumped off to the sea, buat not too far, just made my feet wet hohoho. After that, we just chilled there, and moved to another paradise, Suluban beach.
On the way to Suluban Beach, i remembered that i know this beach we’ll passed, and still kinda virgin, the Thomas Beach. So, i asked the driver to stopped there a while. We went there, but not going to the beach, cause it’s far bellow. We just took some pictures there on the lader, we just took more and less 5 minutes there. Then we continued our journey to Suluban Beach.
When we arrived at Suluban Beach, there were just a perfect time, cause we can take some perfect pictures without any filters there, just perfect. Then, just went down to the beach, it was just like 15:15. The funny thing was, we saw this one cave, there were 4 person inside, 2 guys and 2 girls, and the guys were sleeping. I said to Alex, “gosh, the sleep so deep” then Alex said, “well, we could do also hahaha”. And guess what! Yes, we had our nap in the cave too hahahaha.

After around one hour of napping, then i woke up, and woken Alex too. After that, Alex just took about 5 minutes swam, then we moved again to another place, Pura Luhur Uluwatu. And yes, we need to catch up with the time to go to there, cause i need Alex to see the beauty of the temple before the Kecak dance started.

And yes, we made there right on time i scheduled. So, i took Alex to see the beauty of the temple and the scenery there, and he was like amazed with the scenery. And i, my self, who have been there for 5 times before, still amazed also by the scenery. We walked to the edge of the fence, took some pictures also on the way back and forth. After that, i took Alex to watch Kecak dance performance there. The funny part was, i didnt watched it with Alex, he was all by him self, cause i’ve watched it back then, so i said to Alex that i’m gonna wait for him outside, and i did. But, when the dance is over, there were no body out from the place i waited for Alex. Then, one of the guard there said to me that everybody went out from the other way. So, i moved and waited for Alex there, but then, until everybody out, i didn’t see any sign from Alex, i lost him, i thought. Then, i decided to go back to the car, and the driver was walking to my way and said, “Mas, the guest is already inside the car” hahaha. He left me hahaha. And so, we went back to Kuta after that.

At Kuta, we went to the Greece cuisine restaurant, at Poppies Lane, well im not sure which Poppies Lane it is hehehe, the name is Souvlaki Gr. As many people do, we ordered some foods and drinks, me as always, ordered Souvlaki Pita, it’s just like kebab, but using pita bread and different kind of meat and hot tea. While, Alex was ordering other food and a big bottle of Bintang beer, in the first round, and the second round, he ordered Souvlaki Pita also, and a small bottle of Bintang beer. Funny thing happened when we asked for the bill. We had less cash money than the bill hahaha. And so, Alex tried to find a money exchange service near by, but unfortunately, he couldn’t found one and also i dont have any cash money back then. It’s just Rp. 4.000,- less. Then, the owner came to us and asked us what’s going on. Then we explained to him like everything, and he said, “well it’s alright, you don’t have to pay the 4.000, it’s on me”. But, as a good costumer, i didn’t feel right with that. But then, one more funny thing happened, he asked us to try the dessert, Baklava. We tried to say no, but he insisted to give us, and so, the Baklava was already there at our table. Well, maybe it was just our lucky day hahaha.

After that, we said goodbye and promised him to come back and pay the 4.000 thingy. Then, we went back to the hotel. That’s the second days.
On our third day, Alex told me that he wanted to have some relax times in Kuta, so we did. I picked him up to the hotel, as usual, then we had our breakfast at Warung Nikmat, near by Jl. Bakung Sari. And after that, Alex decided to go to Kuta beach, just to chill there. Alex said that he got a sensitive skin, so he can’t be too long spending times on the sun. So when we got to Kuta beach, he wanted to rent an umbrella there, but the shit thing happened. It just too expensive!!!

So, we decided to go to another place. Alex told me that he wanted to go to Padang-padang beach again. Well, frankly, i was surprised. We don’t have any car to go there, and Padang-padang beach is quite far. Then, silly but funny thought came up, why dont we take GoJek?! Hahahaha. And yes, we took GoJek service to go to Padang-padang hahahaha..
On the way to Padang-padang, the GoJek driver told me that if we wan to go back to Kuta later on, we should just walk back to Jl. Raya Uluwatu while we wait for taxi, then take taxi to GWK, and at GWK just order GoJek. I said, ok.

So, we were at Padang-padang beach again, and we took the same spot as we did yesterday. Yups, we ordered some foods and drinks there, Alex swam at the sea and i was just stayed at the kiosk and watched over our stuff and drinking, then we just spent our noon until afternoon there.

And it was time to go back to Kuta. Yes, we did just like the GoJek driver told me. We walked a bit, until we found a taxi. Then we took taxi to GWK, and after that, we ordered GoJek again. For your info only, we charged for the taxi for Rp. 50.000,- from Padang-padang to GWK, and it was not that far. And for the GoJek, we charged only Rp. 10.000,- per bike, and the distance is much farer!!
And again, funny thing happened to us with these GoJek. So, we arrived in Kuta from GWK, and for sure we need to pay the GoJeks. Me and Alex, we both didn’t have any small cash, so we meant to pay the GoJek with Rp. 50.000,-. But the funny thing happened to us, my GoJek driver didn’t got any change for my payment, so did Alex’s. I only got Rp. 8.000,- on my wallet, and so i payed that amount to the driver, and he was okay with that. And Ales only got Rp. 4.000,- on his wallet, and luckily, the driver was also okay with that hahahaha. Yes two days in a row for the lucky day for us hahahaha. After that, we went back to the hotel, and prepared our self to go to dinner.

That night we had our dinner at Ryoshi, at Seminyak. We walked from Kuta to Seminyak through Legian street. There, we had japanese food with beautiful live jazz music. After that, we walked back home again.
On our fourth day, our agenda was visiting Ubud and surrounding. Our first destination was Ubud Monkey forest. We entered the gate, then we walked around, took some pictures and saw many monkeys there. Then, another funny thing happened to Alex. There were two little monkeys came to us, one wanted to come to me, and one to Alex. But, lucky me, i can make that monkey afraid of me, but, the other monkey just attacked Alex and grabbed his water’s bottle, and he couldn’t do anything about it hahahaha. After that, he just gave up and gave the monkey his bottle hahaha. Then, we just walked around again.
After several times, we decided to go out and continue our journey in Ubud. We walked from the Monkey Forest to Ubud Market. There, we visited a jam store, name Kou. It sells a real natural jam, well if you go to Ubud, you can visit Kou, just near by the market. After that, we walked again until the Ubud Palace. Alex got him self inside the palace, i didn’t, cause i need to waited up for the car. After Alex got out from the palace and thecar also arrived, we went to one of the Indonesian restaurant there, Dapurku. I made an appoinment who lives in Ubud, there. So, i met my friend, we had lunch there, it was pretty cheap lunch also, and had a little chit chat there. After that, Alex asked my friend to take him to the herb store near by. After finished the herbs shopping, me and my friend took Alex to Tegalalang. It’s located on the way from Ubud to Kintamani.

Tegalalang is a rice field terrace. It have so beautiful scenery and so lovely place, specially for those who love photograpy.
And so we spent some times there just to take some pictures and also enjoying the green scenery.

Not long after that, we went back to the car, and headed to Nagari Coffee in Gianyar. There, we will be led by the local guide. They’ll explain you some of the plants there, what is luwak coffee, what is luwak and how it is in the real live. The will explain you too about how they made coffee, how they made luwak coffee also. And the best part of this place is, you also be given the sample of their products, like Balinese Coffee, ginger coffee, tea, lemon tea, rosella tea, and so on, for free! After you tried those sample, they will led you to their shop, where you can buy all their products there.
So, our journey in Ubud was done. But, the day was still young, so i talked to Alex and he agreed, so we moved from Ubud to Denpasar. In Denpasar, we went to Renon Monument. It’s a monument for remembering how Balinese fought the Ducthes for Indonesia’s independence. The building is so nice, but the inside of the monument is just so so for me. Well, something that not so worth to come to. After that, we had our tea time at my friend’s place, across the monument, and waited for the dinner time.

After finished our tea, we headed to our dinner place, near by. The name is Be Pasih. It serves fish dishes, and the fish soup is so SUPER!!!
So, after the dinner, we went back again to Kuta, and called off our day.

So, the next day, it’s Friday. And this day, we planned not to go anywhere. We just had our chill day along Kuta and Kuta beach. But, something came up late in the afternoon. When we walked back to the hotel from the beach, there was a girl that came up to us. She just suddenly spoke russian to Alex, so yes, Alex responesed to the girl, and they had a chat all the way until the Ground Zero Monument. After that, they splited up, and Alex told me what they speaked about.

Then, at the evening, i was suppose to pick up Alex at 8.00, but Alex texted me and told me that he will be ready at 8.30, well that’s fine with me. And he also asked me whether it’s ok to asked Julia, the girl’s name, to join us for the dinner, i said ok. Then, we just met and going to meet Julia at the Ground Zero Monument again. Well, Alex needed to go to the money changer first, then i said to him that i’ll pick Julia for him. But then, Julia wasn’t there, so i went back to Alex, then we go to Julia together. Well, the strange things started to appear here. I felt that therewere no chemistry between me and Julia ta the moment, and it did!

So, on the way to the restaurant, i told them that they can speak russian that time, but NO RUSSIAN on the restaurant. But then, she just keep on speaks in russian to Alex on the restaurant, one thing. I’ve complained, but she said that she can’t expressed her feeling in English, what the f…. Then, when Alex tried to get me into the conversation, well, she just got me wrong like all the time. Then, we done the dinner, and she went to the toilet, and what Alex said to me just shocked me. He said, “We need to run from that girl. She freaked me up!” Oh wow… yeah that sentence shocked me, really hahaha. Well, i really felt that something wrong with this girl, and finally Alex felt the same way too. He said that this girl just too agressive for and to him. Well, the only reason to leave this girl alone is : PICKING UP NICK AT THE AIRPORT! Hahahaha.. And so Alex told her that we will pick Nick up at the airport, and we did.

So we went to the airport by the GoJek service again. It was like 11.30ish that night. And Nick’s plane should be landed at 12.05 that night. We just waited for him at the smoking area at the airport. Then, after Nick was arrived, we walked back to the hotel, so many things to catch up on the way back to the hotel. So, it was almost 2.00 when we got to the hotel. So i need to go home cause we would have a long day the morning after.

The next day, it was Saturday. We started out day at around 09.00 in the morning. The agenda was going to the Dreamland Beach, Padang-padang Beach, Suluban Beach. And so we did.
First stop that day was Dreamland Beach. Yeah, we back again there, this time with Nick. It seemed that Nick and Alex had a great time there. They swam, sunbathed, smoked, and did some other stuffs to. Then, the second spot was Padang-padang Beach. It was me and Alex’s third times there. And yes, we sat on the same spot again hahaha. We took our lunch there, it was nice place and nice food also and one more thing, quite cheap hahaha. After that, Alex and Nick just went to the sea and having so much fun there. And the last stop that day was Suluban Beach. Yups, we went to the same cave again and we took our nap time again there. That was one of the greatest nap i ever had hahaha, well you should try sometimes. Imagine you sleep on the sand with the sound of the waves only, isn’t it just PERFECT?! So, after we woke up, we just jumped at the sea and explored the beach. We also took some pictures there.

So the time is up and it was the time for us to go back again to Kuta. I promised Nick that me and Alex will take him to the Greece cuisene restaurant when he is in Bali again, so that evening we had our Greek dinner again. After the dinner, we called off our day and went back to the hotel.
The next day, it was Sunday. Our day began with breakfasting at Warung Nikmat. After that, we went to SandBar, chilled there and had beers. After that, Alex and Nick went to the beach, while me, just sat around at the cafe. After that, we had our lunch on the McDonald across the beach, and then we went to the beach together. Yups, we had another nap time there hahaha, what a lazy day isn’t it hahaha. After we had our sunset time at Kuta beach, we walked to Double Six Beach to have our dinner there. We had bakso, or meat ball, there. And also Alex flew a lampion there. It was so lovely. Then, we walked again through the beach and head back to the hotel.

The next day, Monday, Nick flew back to Jakarta early in the morning. So, the journey continued only for Alex. That day was the last day for Alex to explore Bali. We went to Tanah Lot and Beratan Lake and Ulun Danu temple in Bedugul. He loved those places, and yes those places is just so lovely, specially Ulun Danu temple and the lake, it’s just peaceful.
So, that day we had our early dinner at Denpasar, Be Pasih again. That night, we got also our driver and also my friend joint us for dinner. And after dinner, we just went back to Kuta and called off our day.
The next day, Tuesday, we just chilled all day around Kuta and shopped some things that Alex need. And we spent the last dinner at the Greece cuisine resto again, and my friend just joint us that night.
The Wednesday, was the last day for Alex in Bali. He had the flight back to Jakarta at 18.00. So, that morning i gave Alex task to pick me up to my place, and he just did it hahaha. So that morning, we shopped one more thing that Alex need, a jut rope. And we found it, but unfortunately, we can’t buy that rope in meters, so Alex bought it all, it was just like more than 50 meters long, and he just took 10 meters of it, and the rest, he just gave me all. And until now, i still don’t know what should i do with that rope hahaha.
Then, we had our brunch time at McDonalds across the beach again. After that, Alex went to the beach and swam there, and me, just sat there and worked. Then, around 12.00, we went back to the hotel, cause Alex needed to check out. So, he checked out and we just sat at the coffee shop near by. Around 15.30, i walked Alex to the airport. And yes i saw his eyes, that something in it said that he didn’t wanna go home hahaha, well, everybody does.

Then, we got to the airport, and Alex checked in, and i left him alone there.

So, that’s my story with Alex the Russian guy here in Bali, but, my day wasn’t end up after Alex left. Wanna know why? Just read my next blog hahaha…