From Moscow to Berlin

Hi people.. How are you all today? Hopefully you’re all in a great condition..
Well, i would love to continue my story today..

Like i told you in my previous blog, after Alex flew back, my day was not over yet. And yes it didn’t. So, on the yesterday afternoon, my friend called me when i was shopping with Alex. He asked when will Alex leave, so i told him that Alex will be leaving on 21st of October. Then, he said “Good, so you can handle my guests there. They will be there on 21st evening.” Then, i said, “wait up, 21st is like tomorrow, right?” and he said “yes it is”.

Dang!!! Alex was just going to leave on 21st afternoon, and in the evening i have to take charge of those guests!! But then, i know that i’m superman, so, i said ok hahahaha..
So, the tasks started before Alex left. They told me the things i need to be done, such as i need to exchange money like 2 x US$ 800,-, not an easy task, pay for the hotel bill, rent cars, pick the guests up at the airport, which not an easy task also cause they arrived in 2 different times, and so on and so on.
So, when i walked with Alex to the airport, i took my time first to the ATM and took a lot of money there, cause i need to exchanged it into dollars. So, i took the money until i got into my limit, two of my accounts, gosh.

After we got into the airport, and Alex was checked in, i left him and i went back home. I printed name boards, then went to the money changer, and the shit was they didn’t have all the money i needed. So, i need to turn to the money changer like three times to got those 2 x US$ 800,-.
So, it was time to picked the first guest. Been told that it was a girl, and she’d be here with her 2 sons, father and mother. Well, ok, she bring all of the family, i thought. Then, she should be landed on 9 in the evening, so i was there a little bit early, like 08.50ish. But, before that, as i told to, i went to pay the hotel for the guests that night.
So, it was 08.50, i was at the airport, picking up Sonja Worzewski, which will be here with the family. So, 15 minutes passes, not showing up, 30 minutes passes, yet not showing up, and i still stood there with the name board, surrounded by the Chinese guides that spoke up loudly, 45 minutes, still not showing, started to desperate hahaha.. Then, after 5 minutes pass 1 hour, she arrived, and yes, with the whole of her family hahaha..

Then, i brought them to the hotel, checked them in, and left them to have some rest.
Mean while, my second guest, Jendrik Schroder, will be coming an hour more, which on 12.05 in the evening. So, i took the time to bought them the souvenirs first. I went to Krisna Shop near the airport, then i shopped. After that, i went to the airport, picked Jendrik up. On the way to the airport, my driver told me that the airlines Jendrik took, is usually having trouble with time. They usually comes around 2, he said. Well, that time i just can think of anything anymore. All i could do was just stand still and waiting for Jendrik to come.
But then, i thought God heard my prayer. It was not delayed, right on time!! So, Jendrik came, and we went straight to the car, and brought him straight to the hotel. But then, something went wrong with the room, not a big deal, but slight problem. The room i payed for Jendrik was taken by Sonja’s parents hahaha. So, i said to the front officer, to take Jendrik to Sonja’s parents’ room. That simple.
After that, i went back home, and having some rest. So, that was my day on the 21st of October 2015.
Then, the day was changed. The next day, i woke up early and started my day with the money business. I only got US$ 1.000,- last night, meaning i still need another US$ 600,- more. So i went to the ATM and to the money changer again.

After that, went back to the room, took a shower, had my breakfast, and ready to picked them up again. So, i went to b hotel to picked them up. But, since they needed some things to be bought, so i took them to Carrefour first before we go to Buleleng.
After Carrefour, we straight went to Buleleng. It took us around 5 hours driving to Pemuteran village on Buleleng. Nothing special happened on the way there, except we had our late lunch.
Then around 17.30, we arrived at the hotel, the Adi Assri Hotel on Pemuteran village, Buleleng Bali.

So, before we continue the story, i would love to tell you why Sonja and Jendrik were here. No, they were here not to have their holiday moments. They came here cause they need to attend the Pemuteran Bay Festival, on 23 – 26 October 2015. So Indonesian Ministries of Tourism sent them from Germany to attend that festival, and they need to partisipate in it.
So after we arrived at Adi Assri, we waited for Mr. Dewa to checked them in. After they were checked in, it was my turn to checked in. Yeah, i didnt stayed at the same hotel as they were, i need to find a lot cheaper place to stay there. So, i managed to find a cheaper place near by their hotel, and i found a nice one. It was clean and cheap, and very cool also. The place only consist of 4 rooms, but it seemed that they rented it only for 3 rooms. So i got a room to stay that night, and i made an appointment with Sonja and Jendrik for dinner at about 8 in the evening.
Oh ya, after they were checking in, we went to the festival venue, and we went to Adi Assri booth. They served us drinks there, i thought it was free, for us, but then, when we were go out from there, they gave me the bill, damn! Hahaha..

So, that night, we had our dinner at the pizza place across the Adi Assri. It was nice place, and the pizza was nice also. I gave them the souvenirs i’ve prepared, and they loved it, specially Maxi and Oscar, Sonja’s sons hahaha. Then, after having our dinner, we just went back to our hotels, and called off the day.

The next day, we started the day with the breakfast, for sure. Then i picked them up to their hotel, then we walked together to the festival venue. After sight seeing and lookin around for the schedule, we palyed a bit at the beach. After that, we went back to the hotel. Actually, not to the hotel, but to the diving center near by the hotel’s beach.

There, we met Mr. Dewa again, and he asked them to prepare them self to dive and snorkel. Then, he asked me wheter i would go to the sea also or not. At the begining, i said i wouldn’t go, cause i didn’t bring anything, but he said that he would borrowed me the wet suite, and so, yes, i went also to the sea hahahahahaha….

So, we took the boat and heading to the sea, and after far enough from the shore, we stopped. I asked the officer who came with us, how long was the depth, he said it was like 18 – 20 meters deep. Wow, quite deep, i thought. So, we jumped into the water. But, since i don’t like wearing a snorkel, i didn’t bring one, and i was wrong cause i was just stand inside the sea for only like 5 to 10 minutes hahaha. So, i went back to the boat, but Sonja and Jendrik still in the sea. Sonja did the snorkeling, and Jendrik was diving and taking the pictures for the competition at the festival.
On the way back to the shore, Sonja told us that she saw Baracuda, that was so rare, and she said she saw the big one, cool i thought, too bad i didn’t see it. And Jendrik also said that he saw like rare fishes and the corals when he dive. Oh ya, for me, the rare thing was i saw jelly fishes, it was just so cool.

So when we were back at the shore, we saw some boys and girls getting ready for the carnival for the opening of the festival. They wore these huge clothes, some shaped sea creatures like fishes, lobster, and so on. And then, Sonja and Jendrik asked to join to release the fishes into the sea. After that, we went back to the hotels, and prepared our self to have our dinner at the festival.
So, that night we went to the festival again. And damn.. so many people there, and i hated it. So, after meeting Sonja and Jendrik, i went back to the hotel, and called off the day.
The next day, we met at the festival in the morning, cause Jendrik and also Sonja said that they will join the BioRock workshop. So, from my hotel, i straight to the festival and met them there. After having the workshop, Jendrik went to diving again, and i and Sonja just went back to the hotel, with the kids. After that, i went back to my hotel. The schedule after that was just resting and we’ll meet again on the dinner time.

Oh ya, i also putted some times there to prepare for my next project with my friend.
But then, Sonja texted me. She said that she’ll interview some people in the festival in the afternoon. So, around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, i went back to the festival and met Sonja there. When i saw her there, she was just carrying her sons, one at her front side, and the other one was on her upper side, and they both slept. Then, i offered her to carry one of her son. And so, i carried Maxi, the oldest one. There, on the stage, the bands was doing sound checking, and they played some old rock songs, and amazingly, this kid was not woke up when i carried him and sang on the same time hahaha.. just so adorable..
Then after that, we went back to the hotel, and rested a while before having our dinner, then called off our day after dinner.

The day after, i picked Sonja up and we went to the festival together, there we met Jendrik preparing him self to dive again. I sat by the table and drank the tea, while Sonja put Maxi and Oscar to the cartoon workshop, and she did some interviews. Then, she went back to the hotel after that, and left me with her father there. But then, when we wanted to went back to the hotel, i saw some locals made some foods from fish and we can tasted it, for free, so we decided to tasted it first. That moment, we met Jendrik just finished his diving. Then we left him alone, took our free fish, then walked to the hotel. At the afternoon, i went back to the festival and met Mr. Dewa. And surprisingly, Mr. Dewa told me that Jendrik lost his under-water camera, and he didn’t tell me. After that, i searched for Jendrik, when i found him, we chatted about the camera thingy, and he seemed like given up with it, yeah, me too, cause there were so many people came to the festival.
One thing i regreted from Jendrik, why he didn’t gave his camera when it was lost. Well, shits happened some times.

Then, Sonja said that she will have her friends come for dinner, and she invited me to come also. So, that night, i had my dinner together with Sonja and her family and also her friends, who were also Germany. And then, Jendrik came and joint us for dinner. And yes, i stucked around people who speaks German, but, just enjoyed the night hahaha. After that, we just get back to the hotel and called the day off.
The next day, it was our last day at the Pemuteran Village, Buleleng. So i made an appointment with Sonja that i will take her to meet somebody near by, and Jendrik went to Menjangan Island to dive. So me and Sonja, and also the kids, went to a restaurant near by the festival venue, i can’t remember the name, and met one guy. Then Sonja just chatted with the guy, after that we had our lunch and heading back to the hotel. But, i didn’t straight back to the hotel. I wanted to know this Pemuteran Village first, then i walked through the beach, and i saw so many things. It was nice, though. Then, at the afternoon, i decided to got back to the hotel.

At the evening, we had our last dinner together at the same place me and Sonja had our lunch. Well, the place was nice, so many coconut trees and also they have this open air area on the beach also. Oh ya, Sonja also invited her friends to joint us. Then, after dinner, we went back to the hotel walking though the beach, it was so nice. After that, we called off the day.
The next day, we have to checked out from the hotels. Jendrik had to leave us early, because he needed to catch his flight early. But, there were good news from Jendrik. Somehow, Mr. Dewa can managed to find his camera back, yeah and it returned! Around 9 in the morning, Jendrik left us. Then, i went back to my hotel and preparing my self to check out.
At 11.30, i checked out from my hotel and went to Adi Assri to pickeud Sonja and her family up. Then, at 12, the car was coming, and we got into it, then we started the journey back. At first, i needed to got Sonja and her family Sanur.

On the way to Sanur, we were passing Munduk Lake. It was on the upper of Bedugul area. The lake was so beautiful. We stopped there for a while, and took some pictures there, and then continued our journey. Then we stopped again on across Beratan Lake/Ulun Danu Temple, and got our lunch there
After the lunch, we continued our journey to Sanur. When we arrived at Sanur, at the hotel, Sonja gave me tip, she said that was for the things i’ve done for them as long as they were in Pemuteran Village, Buleleng. And i thanked her so much, and for sure thanked the Lord also huehehehe.

After that, we continued our journey to Kuta, back home.
And that was all my journey to Pemuteran Bey Festival at Bulelelng with Sonja and Jendrik. Hope you all enjoy the story 😉

Till then, we’ll meet again on my next story, okay. A bit teaser, it was about a group and there was an intrict in it, want to know what was the intrict, just wait and see, hahaha..

So, see you guys 😉