Frenchies are “Special”!!!

How are you guys..
I’m back again with new story, for sure 😉

So this is a story about me bringing out a French family in Bali. Basicly, loved the journey, but we ended this trip with kinda drama, so, yeah.. Well, let’s just start the story okay..

Well, i have a friend who lives in Darwin, Australia, which a French guy, and he knew that i runs a tour business here in Bali. And in the same time, his coworkers and their family, wanted to go to Bali, then my friend just recommended me to them.
So, he told me that in the Wednesday, and i told him to give them my number, so they can contact me. I’ve waited for the call or text from the Wednesday until the Sunday, but they didn’t contacted me at all, so i thought they didn’t need my service, because my friend told me that they will come on the Monday.

On the Monday, at noon time, my phone rang, and i saw it was abroad number. So i answered it, and voila, it was him, Jeremy. He introduced him-self, and then we chatted a while and made an appointment. Then, actually we met straight away after he called me. We chatted about Bali and the destinations that he wanted to visit. Then, since they haven’t got hotel to stay in, they asked me to take them to find them hotel. So, after that, we went out together to have them a hotel to stayed in.
Lucky me, i have some places to go to, and so we ended up at Asana Hotela in Poppies Lane I, and they loved it, so they took it. We split after that, cause i need some times to made them the itinerary. The evening, we met again to discuss about the itinerary and dinner too. So, they said they will discuss it first with the family.
So, the night called off by sending them the itinerary.

The next day, we had appointment to meet up in the afternoon, cause they wanted to go to Double Six Beach to have some drinks and enjoying live music too. So, i took them there, walking by the beach hahaha. Then wearrived there, and they chose a cafe there and we ordered some drinks and enjoyed the live music.
After that, we walked again back to Kuta. Before back to the hotel, we had our dinner first. We had it at The Poppies Restaurant, nice place and the foods was also fine. After dinner, we called off the day, they went back to the hotel, and i went somewhere else, since i still have another appointment that night hehehe.

The next day, the real journey were started. For the first day, we went to Uluwatu area. As always, we visited Dreamland Beach, Padang-padang Beach, but unfortunetaly, we didn’t got enough time to visit Blue Point Beach, so the last place we visited was Uluwatu Temple.
So we went from Kuta to Dreamland Beach. As always, i got my own place there. I lead them there, but the father did’nt like that place, he wanted to go to another place. But, some of us were still at the same place. The waves were so big there, but we didn’t care at all. We still went out to the sea and swam there, so did i. Until, there was a big wave carried me out, i felt like i was in the washing machine that moment hahaha, finally, i managed to get my-self out of the waves. And then i realized that i got scratch by te sand in the waves near my right eyes, i lost my ring and also one of my bracelet, damn!!! I love that bracelet!!!!
So after that tragedy, we were all moved to another spot hahahaha. In the new spot, we had fun. Jeremy and his family are all got into the sea, but i didn’t, cause i got a new scar in my face.

After swimming for some times, we decided to go and continue our trip. Next spot was Padang-padang Beach. After i bought the tickets, i called them to follow me. And they were surprised to see the view there. But before they enjoyed them-self in the sea, we had our lunch first there. After that, they were ready to get them-self into the water. Me, yeah just sat at the beach and watched people who were swimming and sun-bathing hahaha.
Around 16.00 pm, we decided to go, but since we didn’t have enough time, we skipped Blue Point Beach and went straight away to Uluwatu Temple.

At Uluwatu Temple, after i bought them the tickets, we got into the temple area, and as always, i got amazed by it’s view. We took some pictures there, but i’ve warned them about the monkeys. So we were taking care of our stuffs. But then, i saw a young girl who just stood and see the tree. I was guessing what would she do there. Then i saw some monkeys on the tree, and one of them playing with a cap, then she told me that the cap was her. Inside the heart i wanna laugh, but then it didn’t got out. Then i saw those monkey ran into the yard, and i saw a guy who work there, and i asked him to get the cap back to the girl. And he just threw some foods to the monkeys, and then they left the cap alone, and she can got her cap back. It’s nice to help people guys, really is 😉
So, after having some views and some pictures, i bought the Kecak Dance tickets and let them in to the performance place. Then, i went out. After 30 minutes, they came to the place i was having my coffee. I asked them why were they went out before it was finished? The answer was the place was not comfortable enough and too many people inside. Well, it was. But they said, they loved the dance.
So after that, we were suppose to go to our dinner place, but on the way, the parents were fall sleep, so we canceled the dinner and straight away back to the hotel, and called off the day.

The next morning, we went to Ubud, so they were checking out from the Asana Hotel, and then we went straight to Ubud. Since they said they didn’t wanted to go to the Monkey Forest, i suggested them to go to the silver and batik places in Batu Bulan, but they didn’t wanted also, so we decided to go straight to the hotel, since we haven’t known the hotel looks like. So yeah, we went to take a look at the hotel, and decided to stay there for 3 (three) nights.
After having a little rest time, i asked them where to go next. Then Jeremy said that he’ll try the monkey forest. So, we went to Ubud Monkey Forest, and the result was unexpectedly. They loved Ubud Monkey Forest, and even Jeremy said ”i said i don’t like monkey forest, but then i was wrong. Loved it!”
Well, a good plus point for me hehehe..
After Ubud Monkey Forst, we went to have lunch, since our next destination was Tegalalang Rice Field Terrace, so we had our lunch on the site. It was nice meals with a very great rice field views. Then we had a little chat after, then we decided to go into the rice field. Pretty nice tracking we had, until the time was up, and there were also another french tourist sat above us and show us the way up. So, we climbed a bit and end up in a cafe we didn’t know. But they got very beautiful view and some properties too, so we decided to have a little time to take some pictures there. After that, without having anything in that cafe, we went back to our cafe, and we went to our next destination, Pulina Coffee.
Pulina Coffee is not too far from the restaurant we had our lunch to. There, they showed us some of their plants, the herbs and spices, and also how the Luwak coffee made. After that, we can enjoy the sample of the coffees and teas for free. But if you wanna have another coffee by cup, you need to pay for it, and also the Luwak coffee, they charge for it. We had great time over there and the coffee also was nice. Then they lead us to one place that have a very beautiful view, and we can take some pictures there. After taking some pictures, we went to the store, and they bought something there. Then, we decided to go back to the hotel and called off the day.

The next day, our agenda was going to Mount Batur, then have a relax and chill time at the hot spring there, then going to Bebek Tepi sawah to have lunch, and after that, free times, maybe for shopping and massage, or anything.
The reality was, we went to Mount Batur, it was longer to go there as i expected, but we made it anyway. There, we went out the car for some pictures, but then we were attacked by the sellers there, and they were crazy! I suggest for you guys who wants to go to Mount Batur and going to take pictures on the top before you go down, please don’t ever bargain to the sellers there, they will force you to buy them!!! No good at all!!! And yeah, also prepare to pay some retribution payment when you go by or via Kintamani.
Then the journey continued, we went down to the hill of Mount Batur and we stopped once for another pictures at one spot there, then we went to the hot spring. We had great chilling time there for a while, like 1,5 hours there. Then we continue our journey to have lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah in Ubud.
We arrived at Bebek Tepi Sawah, then they took us to our table, and suddenly these Frenchies just fell in love with the place. It was green, the foods are great, the drinks are also great, and the service was amazing! And another plus ponit for me huihihi.
We had some times there, and after we finished our meals, we were ready to go back to the hotel. But, on the way to the hotel, Jeremy asked us to stop at one of the coffee shop there, and we had coffees there. Turn out to be, the coffee shop was owned by their friend, a French also, for sure. After that, then we went back to the hotel, well me yeah, but those guys, they decided to go to the art market and after that they said they had a massage.
So, yeah, we called off the day. But then, there’s a little funny story in the hotel. So, that day, cause they were busy with them-self, i decided to have a little nap. All the lamps in the room was turned off, and i heard it was raining out side, i thought, i will have a great nap there, but a ah, i was wrong!!! The rain was hard and then my room was leaked right on the bed!!! It was damn!!! So, after the rain was stopped, i decided to go to the receptionist and asked for the solution. I asked the guy in the reception to come with me and see him by his own, so they will not think that i made things up. So, he saw it, then he gave my a new room. Kinda funny cause it is a hotel, but the room was leaked, hahaha. So, yeah, i was moved to a new room that night, and i slept like a baby that night.

The next day, we went to Tirta Empul Temple, it’s a water temple around Tampak Siring area, near the Presidential Kingdom in Bali. But unfortunately, while we enjoying the temple, the nature said different. It was raining pretty hard. So we need to cover our-self there. Oh yeah, when we were there, there were also one village taht having a ceremony there. So, while we covered our-self from the rain, we chatted with the villagers to know what ceremony they held there.
After the rain was stopped, we started to explore the temple again. But then we seperated, me and a girl, and the other was gone. So, we decided to go to the entrance locket again, but then, it was raining hard on the way to the locket, and we were wet all over, and, we didnt see them at the locket hahaha.. so i decided to go in again, and check them up inside. And yeah, the were still inside. So i asked them to go to the car, and i picked the girl up.
Then, we were all gathered in the car again, and ready to go to the next place. The restaurant for lunch!!! So, that day, i put their choise of restaurant in the itinerary to have our lunch. It was a Thai restaurant in Ubud, named Arma. It was nice restaurant, beautiful view and nice foods also. They ate like crazy there, while me, i only had Tom Yum Goong hahaha. But it was cold day, so Tom Yum Goong was nice for me, can made my body a little warmer.
After that, we went back to the hotel, and called off the day.

The next morning, we checked out the hotel, and we went to Tanah Lot. A little warning for you guys, the ticket price to go inside Tanah Lot was raised now, so sucks! But, since i wrote Tanah Lot on the itinerary, so we need to go inside instead. Well, they enjoyed their time there, and they even went to to temple on the sea, but the werer blessed first before went up. But we didn’t spent long time there, cause we need to catch our time to go to Bedugul. So, yeah, around 1,5 hours there, then we went to Bedugul.
We had our lunch time first at Mentari Restaurant, at Bedugul, and after that, we went to Bratan Lake/ Ulun Danu Temple. They had so much fun inside, took some pictures also there, and just like in Tirta Empul Temple, there were also some people who held a ceremony in the temple. That made the time more interesting. After that, we continued having our time there by taking more pictures.
After that, around 5.30 pm, we decided to go, and continued ourjourney to Munduk area. We will spend the night over there. On the way to Munduk, i saw very thick fogs around and also we drove passed the rain. But after some times, the rain was stopped, and they found a spot to stopped to take some pictures with the twin lakes as the background. It was so lovely.
Then we got into the hotel we’ve booked. It was a nice hotel, nice rooms, and the foods they served was also nice.
That night, they called some people to gave them massage services. After that, we had our dinner and then called off the day, cause it was a very tirying and long day we had.
The next day, afetr having our breakfast, we checked out the hotel to go to GitGit Waterfall. It was raining so hard, but thankfully only on the way to GitGit. By the time we arrived at GitGitWaterfall, the rain was stopped. Then we went to the ticket locket, and… the rain started to fall again. It was damned!! We waited there around 15-30 minutes for the rain to stopped. Finally the rain was stopped, so we can go and continued our trip to the waterfall. So yeah, we finally made it to the first waterfall. It was so freaking beautiful! I’ve been there, and the view is always amazed me, Thank God for that! After having some times there and some pictures also, we decided to go to the second waterfall. And yesss, lovely also!!! We made some pictures also there. Lovely!!! But since it was raining, i was afraid the road to the third waterfall going to be slippery, so i told them that we wont go there.

So, after from GitGit, we planned on going straight to Sanur, where they’ll stay for one more night, and the next day they’ll go to Gili. But then, on the way to Sanur, somebody said ”I’m hungry. Let’s find a place to eat!”
So, we tried to find one place. They showed me one place, but unfortunately, we can’t go there, because the road is broken. So we found another place to have lunch. After the lunch, we straight away drove to Sanur. Finally, we arrived at the hotel they wanted. It was Eat Sleep Skate. The place is kinda cool actually, they got their restaurant in front. Next to the restaurant, they got these two skate board places, one for kids and the other one, the big one, i believe they built it for adults. At the other side, you can see the rooms behind the garden.
After checked them in, they wanted me to do the last job, taking them around Sanur. So i did, and ended at Sanur Beach. There, the drama started. One of the member asked me whether i’m not a tour guide, and i answered i’m not, i’m a tour operator, and so on and so on. I didn’t argued or debated it, too lazy to do it. Then, after that drama, the father said sorry to me because of what her daughter said to me, i accepted it, and said sorry also for what i did wrong as long as in the journey. Then we dropped them back to the hotel. And they made me wait for them so long there just to pay the rest of the money they need to pay me.

After waiting so long, then they came to me and got me sit with them. They started to talk, and there was another drama. At the beginning they didn’t want to pay me, then they did the counting, and then didn’t want to pay again, then they gave me all the money and asked me how much i deserve. I just did a simple thing. I took all the money, i counted and take all the money i needed to pay all the things needed to be paid, then i gave them all the rest. That moment, i was just letting them decide how much they wanted to give me. Then, the result was, they gave all the money to me. I didn’t know the reason why, i just took the money, said thank you and goodbye to them, then left. I didn’t want them to change their mind again hahahaha.

I thought, the drama was ended that night at the hotel. But, nope!!!

Five days after that drama happened, one of that family member should go back to England, through Bali again, alone. So, it appeared she mis-booked the ticket to go. She was supposed to fly back at 29th of October, but she booked the ticket for the 29th of November. It’s just sh*t!!! Hahahaha.
And do you know guys, whose they contacted first?
Yep, it was me!!!
I believe in these words “IF YOU DO GOOD, THE GOODS WILL COMES BACK TO YOU” and i just try to do all the good things like all the times here, so, yeah, i helped them again this time.
I really can’t do anything about the ticket thing, but then she called her brother who happened still at Gili Air island, and the brother called me. He said that she need a hotel room, so i arranged it for her, and thank God i can managed it. After i got the room fixed, i called her and told her that the room was ready. And she said so many thanks to me and i quoted what she said to me on the phone, “ Thanks Faisal for everything. Youknow, after all i said to you at Sanur, you shouldn’t do this all to me!” and i simply replied “chill out girl, you’re still my friend. I would do anything for friends!”, and she thanked me again.

Well, my friend, who is a French also, once said that the Frenchies are special, well i believe they are. It’s not my first time handling French guests, got so many French guests before and they were all special hahaha.

So, that’s my experience with the Frenchies, hopefully i still can managed to handle another guests with their special characters in the future. Amen!
Wanna know my other experience, just wait and see, i’ll tell them all to you next time 😉

So, see you guys next time, and hope you all have a great life ahead 😉