Just Me!


I am the owner of pleasant-tour.com.
I’m honest, cheerful, fun, loving, nice guy who love traveling and singing a lot! That’s why I made this tour business, to make people happy and feeling pleasant after using my service. And also I always try to make my guests and me to be intimate, cause it’s better for me to serve a friend or friends, better than guest(s).

I have managed this tour since early 2015 and actually had more than 20 customer from around the globe.

Unfortunately, i always forgot to ask every one of them to put their feedback of my tour experience, that’s why you only see 1 testimonial here.. hehe :p

But, don’t you worry… We always make the very best itinerary for you, you can simply follow our hand-crafted package or make it as you wish to do. Basically we can do it just for you!

The price? It’s very affordable! We can have it suits on your budget lists!

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us here.