About Us

We’re a tour operator based in Bali Island, Indonesia, and we promise you to make your holiday here an amazing one.

Do you love Bali?

Well, one thing for sure, we’ll make you fall in love more with Bali. We can take you wherever you want here, and making it into your great experience.

You don’t believe us? Come and contact us.

Well, here’s a little bit of how to see our web page.

Here, you can choose our product, we have a la carte products, you can choose the place you like from there and tell us and we’ll make the itinerary for you, or you can choose our selected packages, we made it for you.

So, if you any chance of coming to Bali and need accompany, just simply contact us. Why us? Because we are cheaper, we promised you an amazing, great, and pleasant experience, and also an intimate tour. So, please do contact us. Have a great day

Our Services

Custom Tour

We can made the package based on your preferences.

Please let us know where do you want to go to Bali and how many days do you want to stay?

Don’t be shy, please email or contact us and we are very happy to help you out 🙂

One day tour

We also have one day tour package that you can enjoy if you had so little time to visit Bali but still don’t want to miss the experience while in Bali

Package Tour

We also make special package tour for you that you can choose. Either its playing around Bali beaches or simply enjoy the cultural heritage of Bali.

What do they say?

Alhamdulillah, we have just finished our trip to Bali.

Our family was treated so nice by Ichal and team. Great service! Keep up the good work and hospitality!

Thank You!


Nano & Family

Stay in Bali for 4 days: 2-5 January 2018

New Testimony: Alhamdulillah.. Great Service!

Dear Faisal,
Thank you vey much for the nice stay on Bali! I really enjoy my vacationand i can honestly say that i had the BEST vacation which i ever had!
Everything was perfect:
1. The places we visited
2. The food we ate
3. I will say it again that everything was perfect
Also it’s very very very very interesting to talk with you!
Summarize everything i wrote here, i want you to visit Russia 🙂
If you have an opportunity to go, please just let me know


Sincerely yours,

Alexey K, from Moscow, Russia. Stay in Bali for 10 days, from Oct 12 until Oct 21 2015.

BEST Vacation i ever had!